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Life of Christ – BIBL 2213

Reading Critique Form

1. Yes, I have fully read the book listed below as required for this course.
2. Thomas `A Kempis - The Imitation of Christ – Pages: The entire book according to Dr. Hackett’s requirements for this class.
3. In the book The Imitation of Christ, published in the XV century, Thomas `A Kempis made it brilliant to the point that, even to this days, it is considered a masterpiece and the one of the most read books in the world. Kempis brought us a collection of principles that are auxiliary to prayer, personal devotional practices and evils that afflict the soul. The book is considered one of the major pacts of Christian morality.
4. I have never heard of this book before and I found out that, after the Bible, it is the book that is translated to the most variety of languages in the world. I had no idea that following the footsteps of Christ was so hard and strict. When a’Kempis talks about a monastic life, he explains that there is no half-way, no shortcut, one has to be perseverant and faithful. I think that what he meant is that when one forgets about what the world thinks and live the life for God and Jesus that died for us, among everything else, is when the perfect happiness is conquered. We have to absolutely detach from everything and live based on His principles and lifestyle. He continues on Chapter 18, talking about the angels and how much they suffered and hated their life on earth, being tested on everything, so they could live their life in eternity, and I thought that angels always had a pleasant life and did not suffered.
5. One of the most helpful parts of this book is that it is divided in many chapters that are very short, making the reading easy and pleasant, especially because he does not spent too much time on each topic. The version that I have found was easy to read and after a while I have found it in Portuguese, which gave me the opportunity of a better comprehension. I liked the way it is divided into four books, talking