Reading Experience Through Kindergarten And Up

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Acacia Crowe
Professor Eric Geissler
ENG 1000
8 September 2014
Reading Experience through Kindergarten and Up
Most children start reading at a young age, after having parents or grandparents who have read to them when they were little. As for me I am this way, I got read to when I was a baby through being a toddler, all the way into elementary school. I started reading at a young age and as soon as I did, I began to love reading. In pre-school I got read to during story time, then in kindergarten we read together as a class, once I got into second grade I began reading chapter books on my own. My grandmother loves to read and I think that is where I get it from.
A general theme that seems to characterize my reading experience is interesting. The reason I chose interesting is I do not typically stick to one genre of books, I read a little of everything. In elementary school everybody knew the Judy Moody books, but once I started to pick my own books I went for nonfiction, autobiographies, and action-drama like Cassandra Clare. As of right now Cassandra Clare is my favorite author and I have read all of her books.
Reading has meant and means a lot to me. When I was younger my grandmother read to me all the time, and that leaves a memory for us to share for the rest of our lives. But still to this day reading means a lot to me, it gives me a lot of new experiences and to be able to find out new things and learn new things is still wonderful. Reading plays a big role in my