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1. Expansion
EF6 595 The response is that in a rapidly growing market (say 30 per cent growth per annum) the only way to increase market share is to go for massive expansion of capacity (say 50 per cent per annum ).
HSD 2108 The urgency of the problem is compounded by three factors: the increasing world population; social, economic and political pressures for economic expansion in industrialised countries; increasing awareness in Third World countries that their economic situation could be improved by increasing their energy consumption.
K5D 2790 Queen Margaret College yesterday announced plans for a major expansion on to a new campus, costing up to £10 million and aimed at carrying the former domestic science school to the size required for university status.
K5D 7353 Its rapid expansion is causing severe strains on its current buildings on Corstorphine Hill.
CDU 444 1960 saw a further expansion of broadcasting.

Grammatical pattern: adjective + expansion
Sentence: This company has just undergone a period of rapid expansion.

2. Duration
AE7 1004 Clearly, therefore, there is no way in which oxygen can be obtained without any water loss: the best that can be done is to minimize the loss.
AR3 930 I decided to minimize my presence by standing in the shadows much further away from table than I might usually have done.
C96 1453 Hit lights should also be left off at this time, once again to minimize the difference between the air and water temperatures.
C9B 645 Such qualities as these minimize the risk of violence.
EBR 554 These procedures minimize the task of interpretation.

Grammatical pattern: minimize + noun
Sentence: People can minimize the dangers of driving by obeying the traffic rules.

3. Cite
EX5 28 On intellectual development, they cite the example of the British Civil Service that, since the Northcote-Trevelyan Reforms of 1854, has filled its policy-making posts with graduates, selected for their demonstrated capacity for independent thought, their ability to learn and to perform to high intellectual standards, without regard to academic specialization.
FST 676 Qureshi and Walker (1986) for example cite the effects of family breakdown on daughters (and daughters-in-law) and women's increased labour market participation as two major factors prompting concern about a shortfall in the supply of informal care.
FT4 1067 One such strategy would be to cite references by first and last author et int (and intervening).
HW 9794 I have spoken to your constituent and he is happy that I should cite his case, because it demonstrates the way in which things are happening.
HJ9 1493 First papers derived from mapping theses should, if this is the only consideration, either be singly authored, or should cite the researcher first.
Grammatical pattern: cite + noun
Sentence: He cites some examples to explain the term “ procrastination”.

4. Forthcoming
CEE 805 O-levels began ten days after the half-term weighing session, and if anyone noticed the drop in my weight, I suppose they attributed it to anxiety over the forthcoming examinations.
CG0 1462 There are calls for a strengthening of ‘ideological work’ among students with a stress on ‘social practice’, i.e. doing work in the community during the forthcoming summer vacations.
H0N 770 He had indeed already announced two forthcoming lecture courses on ancient philosophy (on the Presocratics and on Plato) and could also