Reading In Eudora Welty's Essay

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We all find a passion at some point in our lives, something that drives and educates us, fuels our souls, and could quite possibly take part in shaping our future. I found my passion in the form of books, calling to me and peaking my interest from the moment I was old enough to clutch their delicate pages in my small, eager hands. While reading offers us a chance to open our minds, to imagine and empathize, books also educate us with a multitude of facts and are building blocks for an advanced vocabulary. In the autobiography “One Writer’s Beginnings” Eudora Welty expresses her love for books and credits early exposure to reading to becoming literate which ultimately allowed her to become a well-rounded, effective writer. Young minds are yearning for information to help them grow and become more educated. …show more content…
When I was a child, I knew of many places where I could obtain a book. School, family, and friends all offered a variety of books and when I was old enough to walk downtown to the library, I got a card of my own which allowed me to check out whichever writings I craved for or however many books I required. Having convenient access to an assortment of reading material within a household is generally uncommon, but not for Eudora Welty. She writes in “One Writer’s Beginnings” of the abundance of reading materials located inside their bookcase, which they had dubbed “the library”, and tells of the encyclopedia tables and dictionary stand (Welty 299). Despite her age, Welty expresses that she had a hunger to read all the books when she stated, “Still illiterate, I was ready for them, committed to all the reading I could give them” (299). Having access to a monumental amount of books fueled Welty’s desire to read and educate herself with their words. Imagine if every child had an opportunity as magnificent as Welty’s. I can only dream of such a wonderful