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Reading in the community
Angela’s Ashes, is an autobiography written by Frank McCourt. This memoir tells the true stories and anecdotes about McCourt’s impoverished childhood in Limerick, Ireland and the States. In the book, it described that the McCourts decided to return to Ireland after Margaret, McCourts’ loved baby-daughter died. Throughout Frank’s entire childhood,the McCourts were dealing with poverty and hunger, because the father drank all of their incomes away. But Frank’s hope in life never ceased to exist, as he grows up, he gradually took over the position where his father should be, supporting the family and taking the responsibility. At the end of the book, he set off for America to carry on his dream, the book stops here, leaves me wondering what will happen to the McCourts next. When I look at the cover page of the book,a bare foot cunning and furtive looking kid standing against the wall, it somehow gives me a flavor of this book, which is humorous and optimistic. Receiving inspirational ideas and opinions help me with getting the message of the author’s brilliant humor and compassion.When asked how does reading in the community impact the way I read, there is no doubt that being in the book club brings me many new visions. Different interpretation of the context too provides me with various angles of think problems which I have never thought of before.
Reading is a habit, it can be developed within days, the lack of motivation always get in the way of my reading. Laziness and procrastination often unnecessarily slows me down.Being a part of the book club provides me with a schedule that has clear deadlines on. This is exactly the push that I need. It is hard for me to develope a constant interest for a book, if it fails to hook my desire of reading up in the beginning of the book. But in order to have discussion in the book club, it is essential to have a clear understanding of the plot. Interestingly, the more I read, the better I like this book, the mock and humor that is in the book has really impressed me. For example, on page 324, “ I tell her, Wait a minute. I bring the bottle from the kitchen and splash the iodine on her injury. She leaps from the sofa, dances around the parlor like a wild one and runs into the kitchen to douse herself with water. After she dies herself she says, Lord, you’re very innocent. You’re not supposed to be pouring iodine on girls like that.” this quotation shows Frank’s innocence and unawareness, it truly does amuse me. There are quite a few passages funny and amusing like this one, and they all seems natural and believable. Literature has been like a mirror, it reflects on our society, either mocking or encouraging. While I am reading this book, there are plenty of times that I have said to myself: Well this does not look like a master piece, I could totally write it, no problems. However, I have been proved mistaken.
For countless times that I remembered me suffering from writing. I feel the helplessness is dragging me down and yet I could do nothing about it. Stephen King has said that “ If you don’t have time to read, you don’t have time to write.” to me, that’s probably what the case is. How I prefer to acquire information is through reading and acknowledging, not to interpret or understand. That is what determines that I choose to read certain types and genres of books,especially science-fiction and autobiography of militarist. When I am reading alone, it is tough to force yourself to try to read books that are not in your comfort zone. But in the book club, I have the opportunity to expose myself to a variety of books. Having the opportunity to analyze writing styles and literary devices is really enlightening. I no longer ignore brilliant writing techniques like the way I used to, an example would be a literary device of pun: “Pneumonia, says Malachy. Well, now, that’s better than oldmonia.” I do appreciate the writing style of making fun of life even when it comes