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Reading is one of my favorite approaches to acquire knowledge and seek for inspirations. After years of pursuing, the one book which, particularly, inspired me the most is called <On China>. Written by the former national security advisor of United States, Mr. Henry Kissinger, it covers the diplomatic history of China and Western world since mid 50s of 19th century in a logical, explicit and enlightening fashion which, empower me to start a serious of self-reflection on my previous life journey and future goal setting as well.

Inspirations resulted in changes

First half of the book is basically the syllogistic analysis based on the dilemmas along with the failure that Chinese encountered during the western invasion. Obviously, a countries fate is mostly determined by its national comprehensive capability which can be demonstrated economically, culturally and politically or even militarily. When we regard this to an individual level, it is applicable in the same theory. One’s destiny, similarly, can determined by his or hers ability to acquire knowledge, communicate and cooperative with others etc. This urges me to re-evaluate some of the performance of my life based on these criteria along with my awareness of the current situation, ability to make a survival, the genuine motivations of my life whether they are intrinsic or extrinsic. I came to a conclusion which, definitively, generalized my life as an unplanned, passive, irresponsible and slothful fashion of living. Therefore, I took my life seriously ever since by carrying out some initiative involving weekly schedule, healthy meal plan and research some of the careers that interest me and so on, on one hand. Commence the post-secondary application immediately afterwards, on the other.

Focus on the future and grind the present.

After summarizing the adventurous diplomatic experience enjoyed by both U.S and China, the latter part of the book