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Reading Journal Part I
1.2 Chapter 2 This chapter expresses the importance of a reading process when reading materials. The process suggests that there are three steps: pre-read, read, and reread. Pre-reading is learning as much as you can about the context and the author. The step reading requires you to read the context while identifying vocabulary and applying some sort of reading strategy. The final step reread is when you reread the context while asking questions and drawing conclusions.
1.3 Chapter 3 This chapter expresses the importance of a writing process. The process consists of three steps pre-writing, writing, and rewriting. When pre-writing you explore the subject, brainstorm, create a thesis and establish purpose. The second step writing is when you actually being constructing your paper, and organize you essay. The final step rewriting is when you revise the content of the essay to make sure it flows well, has logic, and good organization. In the last step you would also need to check the sentence structure and grammatical errors.
1.7 Chapter 5 & 6 Chapter 5 is about description. When using description use details that show rather than tell. There should also be a consistent point of view along with meaningful organization. When reading description focus on how the author creates their impression. When reading also think about how the description essentials are playing out. Writing description takes more time than reading. When writing the first thing to be done is to choose a subject, the next thing to be done is generate details. Then come up with a thesis statement and produce a draft. Finally look back over the writing and check for sentence structure and any grammatical errors. In chapter 6 the book talks about narration. When using narration make sure to consider the story line, point of view, organization, and strategic timing. When reading narration make sure to look for the details the authors uses to fulfill his/her purposes. When writing narration simply follow the same steps used to write with description.
1.8 Chapter 6 questions
1. What is another name, or term, for narration? Characters words
2. List at least three specific purposes of the narrator. Storyline, Point of view, Clear organization.
3. What type of order is usually used to organize details in narration? Chronological order
1.11 Chapter 4 This chapter talks about working with sources. When looking for book sources use the library’s catalog. When using the internet the best thing is