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Reading Journal
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The villain in this story was the French teacher.

When I was going through high school, I can’t remember what grade I had this English teacher who really didn’t even try to make the class enjoyable. If you didn’t like it she didn’t care. There wasn’t the feeling of being able to approach her for assistance. If you didn’t understand what she was teaching, good luck. She wasn’t going to go out of her way to help you understand this difficult topic. I never retained the grammar.

Mr. Sedaris’s ability to introduce the French writing into his English Literacy Narrative by replacing the English version of the word is quite unique. By adding French words the reader is inclined to research the word for their selves.
Mr. Sedaris shows his confusion when he the instructor is telling the class they should know certain words or they shouldn’t be in the class. He expresses his failures when he secludes himself from the world in an attempt to hide his inability to grasp the language. He shows his success in the end when he finally understands what the instructor is talking about even though he can’t speak the language.

I believe this story ends happily; however don’t believe every literacy narrative needs to end in a happy ending. A literacy narrative is a made up story created in a constructive format which describes sequence of fictional or non-fictional events therefore are not required to have an epiphany.

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