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Burgess, Anthony. A Clockwork Orange. New York: Norton, 2001. Print.

Reading Journal #1, Pg.1-30 A Clockwork Orange follows a unique writing style formed by Anthony Burgess. He does a great job in giving the reader good description of events even with the use of slang and unfamiliar words. I have begun to identify certain unusual words or phrases by using “context clues.” The repetition of these unusual words or phrases helps me to identify them when I see them again. Burgess also uses a series of onomatopoeia’s or words that help to identify a sound being made. The futuristic tale that centers around main character Alex and his minions which he calls his “droogs.” It is not at all hard to pick up on Alex’s sociopathic tendencies as well as his thirst for mayhem and destruction. He seems to live from one criminal act to the next. He has a strong dislike for people who are “untidy” which I find strange given his destructive nature. I am interested in seeing if there is something more going on there. The material in the novel would more than likely be very graphic if presented in plain English as there are multiple instances where Alex and his minions assault and rape their victims. Though still graphic, the use of code words and slang that Burgess incorporates make the acts of violence not seem quite as sinister in my opinion. It is a fairly difficult novel to read but Burgess does a great job in keeping the reader engaged as it offers a great deal of criminal exploits by Alex and his minions.
Reading Journal #2, pg. 31-60 At this point in the novel the reader is given a bit more understanding of Alex and his background. I was not a surprise to me when I read that Alex was a troubled young teen who had previously been enrolled in reform school for troubles he had in the past. One thing that did come as quite a shock to me though was Alex’s love of classical music. I believe that by developing such an intense main character that likes such traditional melodies, Burgess displays a contrast in Alex’s person. From page to page I find myself for amazed by Alex’s evil actions and the way that he treats others. I could not seem to wrap my thoughts around a particular scene from the book that involves Alex forcing sex upon two 10 year old girls. One would expect Alex to have at least some small amount of remorse for his actions but he never seems to. I am interested in finding out how badly his actions are going to catch up to him as the novel progresses. Alex’s minions have already begun to turn on him and I believe without his partners in crime things will only get worse. Alex views his ability to smooth talk his way out of certain situations as one of his