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Reading log 1:

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(500) Days of Summer directed by Marc Webb

In “(500) Days of Summer” a character “Tom” meets the girl of his dreams, “Summer” and tries to start a relationship with her but she didn’t believe in love but Tom keeps trying but on the 500th day of their relationship, Summer told Tom that she had found a husband which left Tom confused and shocked as he thought she didn’t believe in love yet she is now married. The characters “Tom” and “Summer” made me really emotional and I even ended up crying as I felt the pain of the characters. Each time Tom tired strengthen their relationship, Summer tried to do so too but since she didn’t believe in love, she couldn’t love Tom the way he loved her. I found it strange that Summer didn’t believe in love as they showed many hints of interest. This was a challenge for Tom as he had to try hard to convince Summer to love him back. I was emotional during this film because I know what it feels like to want something very bad, in this case, love, and not being able to have it. This was Toms case with Summer and the director further conveyed how emotional Tom was by playing emotional music while Tom had no emotion in his face as he was heartbroken about Summer. I was also emotional in this film because during the end of the film, Summer told Tom that she had been married and Tom was confused, shocked and utterly heartbroken as he thought she’d never believe in love but she was married. Tom had to overcome another