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Cherry Costello, at first, lives in Glasgow with her father and is bullied by girls at school, until Cherry finally tips her macaroni cheese over Kirsty McRae, the ringleader, and is excluded from school. However, it does not matter as she and her dad are moving to Somerset to live with her dad's girlfriend, Charlotte Tanberry, in her big house, Tanglewood. But, there is a catch; Charlotte already has four daughters.
When they arrive in Somerset, Cherry finds that she is decidedly unpopular with the eldest Tanberry sister, Honey. Honey has never gotten over her parents' divorce, and is convinced that they will get back together, the split being just a 'blip'. Aside from her mum and sisters, whom she has fallen out with over Cherry and her loyal dad Paddy, the only person Honey cares about is her own father, a slick businessman who can never be bothered to make time for his daughters. Sadly, she cannot see that. She tries to tell the other girls that Cherry will try to muscle in and take Honey's place, and does many other things during the book to try and make Cherry and Paddy feel unwelcome, insinuating that Paddy only likes Charlotte for her money etc. However, Coco, Summer and Skye, the other sisters, do their best to make her feel at home.
After having been told that Cherry and she must share a room, Honey tips Cherry's mum's possessions out of the window. Cherry moves into the old Gypsy Caravan and becomes attracted to Honey's boyfriend Shay, who is the only person who can keep Honey in check. He seems to like her as well, but she tries to stay away from him at the beginning since she does not want to antagonise Honey further. However, they start meeting up at night outside the caravan, so Cherry can tell him her story. In return, Shay plays guitar for her, and tells her that he does not love Honey any more. He is only with her because the Tanberry's house is the only place he feels he can be himself.
Meanwhile, Paddy and Charlotte receive the loan they need from the bank to start off their chocolate business, The Chocolate Box, and Paddy asks Charlotte to marry him. Honey is distraught, and conceives a spiteful plan to make her mum choose between her and Paddy.
Later, Cherry, Paddy, Shay and the Tanberrys devise a Chocolate Festival for the local Food Trail, to help gain publicity for the Chocolate Box. Honey is in a surprisingly good mood, probably as a consequence of her upcoming visit to London to see her dad. The festival is a huge success, but Shay, who was not supposed to be helping out, is dragged away by his overbearing father and grounded.
The girls have a celebration party