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Huawei Yang
Section 25
TA: Yiliang Hu
Date: February 9, 2013
Paul Temporal, published in 2010 by John Wiley & Sons(Asia) Pte.Ltd. Advanced Brand Management (p.1-128) * The changing roles of brand management----business evolution and the consumer: the dreadful days of product focus, the emergence of market orientation, the age of the big brands, the realization of brand value(mergers and acquisitions; external investor relations; internal communications; marketing budget allocation; internal marketing management; balance sheet reporting; licensing and franchising; securitized borrowing; litigation support; fair trading investigations; tax planning; new product and market development assessment), brand value versus brand equity, brands driving business strategy, greater focus on the brand----consumer relationship; brands----fascists or friends; brands that care; the changing role of brand management----change from an industry to a market focus, change from tactical thinking to strategic thinking; change from local market focus and analysis to global market focus and analysis; change from product management to category management; change from product branding to corporate branding, change from branding consumer products to B2B and commodity branding, change from product responsibility to customer relationship responsibility, change from physical brand world to both physical and virtual brand worlds, change from managing brand performance to managing brand value and equity, change from financial accountability to social responsibility.(p.1-18) * Building a brand strategy----brand management begins with brand strategy: strategy gives focus and direction to brand management and provides the platform that enables brand managers to gain consistency in all their brand-related activities; the role of consumer insight; living with the consumer: consumer insight is the gateway to understanding people’s rational and emotional