A Nearly Normal Life: Vocabulary For Reading Journals

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Esl 42
Reading Journal #2

A Nearly Normal Life: Vocabulary for Reading Journal #2
NNL Vocabulary pp. 56-74

|p. 56 showbiz |p. 58 crutches |p. 59 invariably |p. 61 mobilize |p. 61 outbreak |

1. Showbiz(noun)

Henceforth, philanthropy and showbiz were inseparable in the fight against polio. (P.57) Show business

2. Crutches (noun)

And then the lights would go up—and that very same child would be there in the banquet hall, making his triumphant way to the microphone, supported by a pair of crutches paid for by the March of Dimes. (P. 58)

a support typically fitting under the armpit for use by the disabled in walking

3. invariably (adverb)

According to the stories and the posters themselves, polio was invariably something that happened to kids in other towns. (P. 59)

on every occasion

4. mobilize (verb)

Maybe the war against Hitler had to be left to the soldiers, but every man, woman, and child on the home front could wage the war against polio, it mobilized the entire country. (P. 61)

to put into movement or circulation

5. outbreak (noun)

the Communicable Diseases Center (now the Centers for Disease Control) was a little operation mostly taken up with keeping track of any outbreaks of malaria that might endanger military bases in the South. (P. 61)

A sudden or violent increase in activity or currency

Outline: the five main events from chapter 7 (pp. 64-73)

1. Charles Mee started the rehabilitation feeling that it was going to fail. 2. Elizabeth Kenny had the philosophy that helps Charles too keep improving with the rehabilitation. 3. Charles started to feel better with rehabilitation and massages that Mrs. Jones give to him. 4. He did a lot of different kind of exercise and electrical stimulation help him to almost recover a little of his