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Reading Reflection #4 (2 points)

The purpose of a reading reflection is to stress the importance of reading and thinking critically about what you are reading. Please answer the questions by reflecting upon what you have read. If you do not reflect on what you have read, you will not receive credit.

1. In the Aviv article, several of the academics assert that it is only our culture that routinely uses adoption from birth parents as the first option. Why do they believe this is true? Do you agree or disagree and why? (1)

I believe this is done so that families adopting the child can get a better understanding of what the child’s biological make will be like. This gives the adoptive parent an understanding of the child’s behavior, and anything that can be seen on a physical point of view. Also another reason maybe that children being adopted from the birth parent have not gone through the system, and therefore may not be as reluctant in the process. I do not agree with this because there are so many kids in the foster care system who could be adopted but because that is not a first option it doesn’t occur as often.

2. Give an example of an institutional policy and a residual policy. How are residual policies in direct conflict with a strengths-based perspective? (1)
An example of an institutional policy would be a the law in reference to the legal system, courts and judges.

Residual policy is in direct conflict with strengths based prespective because it only