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Reading Response:
After reading Secret of Googlenomics, I immediately thought of the post that Michelle Fakhry shared a few days ago about Facebook buying Whatsapp. Google’s altruistic behavior with smartphones can be seen as a parallel situation to Facebook buying Whatsapp because Google browsers being used to android operating system will increase the internet use and enrich Google itself. In the same way, I believe that Facebook will somehow make Whatsapp more compatible with Facebook and thus enriching the Facebook system through Whatsapp through the millions of users who already use Whatsapp. I am very excited to see what Facebook will do next to advance their 19 billion purchase. I hope they don’t start putting ads on Whatsapp because one of the main reason I preferred Whatsapp over all the other apps that are offered in the App store for international texting was the fact that it did not contain any advertisements.
Speaking of advertisements, the article that Josh Costine wrote about targeted advertising is very evidently rising in our daily lives. He stated that many brands now a day have established Facebook presence and are concentrating on gaining likes and fans on their webpage. When I went back to Taiwan this winter break, I went to this bubble tea shop. Outside the shop they had a poster offering 10% off my drink if I “checked in” their store on Facebook, and 15% off if I “checked in” their store on Facebook and “liked” their page. Since friends on Facebook