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Name: William Vega Chapter: Chapter 7 Date: 2/24/15
Reading Response for Principles of Management - MGT201
Read Chapter and then carefully write a response to the following questions. Your answers should be thoughtful and written in complete sentences (minimum one paragraph). Bring Hard Copy to Class for use in Discussion, after submitting the document to the associated Assignment Module prior to the start of class.

Part One: Identify 3 key moments or ideas from this chapter. Explain what each moment or idea is and why it is significant to highlight.
What I found really interesting is that how much risk is involved when it comes to not doing any changes also called organizational decline. I also found interesting with the different stages of organization decline which are blinded stage which is a lack of awareness about changes, inaction stage which is when problem are more visible and the managers don’t do anything yet to solve the issue or still aren’t aware of it, faulty action stage which is when they do realize that the company is going down and they think that they can run a tighter ship as a solution, crisis stage which is when they start to do cutbacks and layoffs because they aren’t able to change due to financial means, and disillusion stage is when they reach bankruptcy and not much can be done at this point. This is important because companies should see examples of these stages so that they can make changes so that these thing wouldn’t occur for themselves.

2. In terms of the changes I find that the general electric work out is a really good way of trying to change the company that have specific problems. In essence the general electric workout is basically a three-day meeting when the managers and employees of different parts of the company meet up to quickly discuss about solutions on specific business problems and act upon them. I found this really good for companies that want input from their employees.

3. Now when it comes to innovation I found the technology cycles pretty interesting. This is because of the way the cycle innovation of technology have gone through the effort and performance limits of the technology. I found it quite fascinating on how the old technology get to