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In order to understand a certain building one must take a comprehensive view at its surroundings.
Buildings dictate and shape our behavior, and we act accordingly. Example: we act differently in an Opera house than in a park.
Architecture is a combination of Science and Arts together, each compliment the other.
The basic elements of architecture are utility, firmness and beauty.
The purpose of a building is divided between symbolic, and psychological function. Buildings are essentially a set of walls combined together.
Different types of columns and domes serve various functions as well as resemble diverse meanings.
Positive and negative space is applied in aspects of urban spaces as well.
Human perception affected by proportion of the architecture of the building itself.
Structure of a building is made to serve its purpose.
It is often perceived that architecture is majorly a field of labor that exists to create buildings that holds within people, and rarely as art. In addition, since it is something given and usually overlooked, we tend to forget that amount of artistic qualities along with the meticulous attributes that makes an incredible building.
The reading argues that buildings are basically a series of places that harbor people, similar to a shell of a nautilus shelters it, buildings are the environment and physical place where human beings grows and lives in. Moreover, the reading has challenged the reasons that makes a place considerable, since historically the architects that built these buildings, such as churches, usually are the ones that wrote about it to highlight their own achievements.
In addition, in order to understand