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Martin Rodriguez
March 7, 2014
Reading Writing 9
Document 1
1. It is a primary source.
2. The document was letters from the American people.
3. The letters were written in the 1930’s.
4. The purpose of the letters that were sent to the Roosevelt’s is the American people asking for help financially.
5. Why didn’t the government create more jobs for our nation or possibly provide financial assistance for the American people?
6. That the great depression was certainly a tough time for our nation, families were going hungry and the employment rate was at an all-time low.
7. “I bin sitting in a chair for years already if I am not in bed I can’t walk alone at all so that makes it pretty hard for me to be put out of my home the one I worked so hard for over forty six years, so please help me some way or I will have to sine my last bit away if I could only raise thirteen hundred dollars than I could stay in my home” (Gorn pg 173). It’s sickening to think that this elderly woman that is no longer able to work due to her age is on the verge of being kicked out of her home that she worked for all her life because our nation was not able to provide her the financial assistance she needs.
Document 3
1. It is a primary source.
2. The document was written by Meridel Le Sueur.
3. The document was written in 1932.
4. The source was written to show how the women were affected by the great depression.
5. Why would the women choose to starve to death rather than ask for help?
6. That the women were affected and humiliated that they were not able to find work, but they refused to have any type of help all they wanted to was find a job.
7. “Everyone is anxious to get work to lay up something for that long siege of bitter cold. But there is no work; sitting in the room we all know it. This is why we don’t talk much. We look at the floor dreading to see that knowledge in each other’s eyes. There is a kind of humiliation in it” (Gorn pg 180). I can’t even visually imagine a room full of women