Power Of Mom's Voice Silenced By Instant Messages

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Katie Borquez
Reading on Technology
10 January 2014
"Power of Mom's Voice Silenced by Instant Messages" (Keim, Brandon. 2012.)
1. How are we assured that all the girls in the experiment weren’t currently experiencing other stress from school related things?
2. What would the outcome difference be if this was tested with daughter and dad, son and dad, or son and mother?
3. Keim stated, “People still need to interact the way we were evolved to interact,” what are some other actions that we should work on acting more like the way we were evolved to do?
“Technology and Cheating Among High School Students” ( Heibutzki, Ralph. 2014.)
1. This article’s main focus was about cheating amongst high school students, and how technology has increased it. Some of the listed ways were through copying and pasting, sharing documents or answers online mainly through Facebook messaging, wireless calculators, and websites that have already solved complicated and common problems. This increase of cheating through opened doors of technology have lead faculty of schools to also engage in technology by getting cameras to supervise students, websites to check for plagiarism, and make multiple versions of tests due to them being spread or cheated off of. Cheating has always been a large issue that many students partake in, but technology has definitely increased the ability to do so and the amount of participants.
2. If cheating was becoming an even bigger problem, would it be necessary to monitor all

students phones and computers 24/7 or would that be an invasion of privacy?
3. Going along with the previous question, is it okay to go through a student’s personal devices if only suspicious of cheating and not proven cheating, or is that invasive?
4. How much has technology truly increased cheating and how different would it be without cheating? Some students also claim it is accessing their information which was encouraged at
Oaks Christian in sixth grade, so what do teachers think of that claim?
“How to Use Technology to Make You Smarter”
(Paul, Annie. 29 November 2012.)
1. This article is about the controversial question of technology making us smarter or dumber through many various devices. Calculators can decrease your