Zoning Issues In Construction

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· Affordable housing: people who make 80% or less than the median income · Talking about a family that makes 60,000 · Way to circumvent local zoning · (Administered 50,000 of these units) · Difference should be the inside
· Feasibility · How big is the land? · (if 100 units: need to file environmental study,…,etc.) · (propose more than you want to build) · Ex. Green house site · important that this parcel is at least 4.2 acres · anything under 4 acres, additional zoning issues · ends up being two lots · so size of land parcel can be important · What shape? · Ex. Holy hood cemetery: intermittent stream · development will be less dense than the neighbors · good argument · but, if you take out areas that are non-buildable, density is higher · good counter · Frontage · (see zoning codes in case packet) · More frontage you have, more you can do with your lot · Typically, you can build x number of units with so many feet of zoning · Width and depth · Corners · Natural features · Topography · Level or not · Stream, landscape · Surface soil quality and landscaping · (Pine trees: potential issue bc rocks) · Subsoil and bedrock characteristics · (Civil engineer) · Cuts and fills · Want this to be equal · No need for imports or exports · (excavator-see where bedrock is) · Put utilities underground · Have to blast it · walk the site · Drainage and runoff characteristics-hydrology · Most places, have to capture water runoff from a site · percolate · runoff picking up petrochemicals · problem: concerned about that percolating into the soil · (make a detriment a feature) · Vegetative cover · Environmental conditions · These days, no lender will give you money for any site that has environmental issues · Lender will want a third party verification · Possibility of petrochemicals migrating to your property · Physical characteristics of the improvement · Placement of structure on the site · Quantitative and qualitative construction details · (Poles: old building) · Analysis of mechanical systems · (Two pipe system: can have heat or cold, but not both) · (Clean room: special ventilation system) · Analysis of the physical design and layout of space · Age and condition of structure · What do you have to do to the structure? · (some building: stone to plastic—can’t tell the difference) · Special features · Traffic pattern within the building · Special structural features · 60 state street: parking garage for the structure · Never considered the salt (water w/salt) · Not a big deal for the concrete but bad for the steel · Concrete breaks when steel rusts · Site or building amenities · Parking-location and type · Security and safety factors · Women-lights-shopping · Other · Review existing data · Base info from existing plans, deeds and records · Review local regulation, zoning, by-laws-state and federal · Review existing resource maps · (Army corp of engineers: floodplain) · Compile info of transportation modes and utilities
· …Feasibility
· Visit site · Walk site · What should you rebuild/redo? · (Sewage/peak hours) · Walk access · Points of entrance and exit · Look at through eyes of