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Question 1 - Information Systems Framework and Development (15 points)

Give the phases of the SDLC associated with each of the 8 phases in the FAST methodology: (5 points)
1. Survey Phase ___System Planning____________
2. Study Phase ___Systems Analysis___________
3. Definition Phase ___ Systems Analysis ___________
4. Configuration Phase ___ Systems Design ___________
5. Procurement Phase ___ Systems Design ___________
6. Design Phase ___ Systems Design ___________
7. Construction Phase ___ Systems Implementation_____
8. Delivery Phase ___ Systems Implementation_____
Match each of the following FAST phases to one of the following definitions: (5 points)
2 A. identifies and analyzes both the business and technical problem domains for specific problems, causes, and effects
4 B. identifies and analyses candidate technical solutions that might solve the problem and fulfill the business requirements.
1 C. establishes the project context, scope, budget, staffing, and schedule.
3 D. identifies and analyzes business requirements that should apply to any possible technical solution to the problems
8 E. puts the solution into daily production
6 F. specifies the technical requirements for the target solution
5 G. identifies and analyzes hardware and software products that will be purchased as part of the target solution
7 H. builds and tests the actual solution (or interim prototypes of the solution)

Explain the relationship between the SDLC and the FAST methodology? (5 points)

Question 2 - Systems Analysis (15 points - 1 point per answer)

45. List the three phases of systems analysis. (p. 121)
Survey and planning
Study and analysis
46. A repository is a collection of those places where we keep all documentation associated with the application and project. (p. 121)
50. Fact finding methods are used to interact with people to identify problems, opportunities, and directives. (p. 131)
51. The survey phase is facilitated by the project manager. (p. 130) Systems analysis is the survey and planning of the system and project, the study and analysis of the existing business and information system and the definition of business requirements and priorities for a new of improved system. (p. 121) 154)
57. Time boxing is a technique that develops larger fully functional systems in versions. (p. 160)
59. Identify the activities necessary to complete the definition phase. (pp. 151-161)
Outline business requirements
Model business system requirements
Build discovery prototypes (optional)
Prioritize the business requirements
Modify the project plan and scope
Review requirements specifications
60. A consolidation of all system models, discovery prototypes, and supporting documentation is sometimes called a requirements statement. (p. 163)
Question 3 - Data Modeling (25 points)

Using the two forms from Shea Homes Inc, derive the data model for the application that will automated these current manual forms.

Question 4 - Process Modeling (25 points)
Given the following narrative description, compile an event-response list and draw a context diagram. State any assumptions.

The purpose of the green acres real estate system is to assist agents as they sell houses. Sellers contact the agency, and an agent is assigned to help the seller complete a listing reqeuest. Information about the house and lot taken from that request is stored in a file. Personal information about the sellers is copied by the agent into a seller’s file. When a buyer contacts the agency, he or she fills out a buyer request. Every two weeks, the agency sends prospective buyers area real estate listings and an address cross reference listing containing actual street addresses. Periodically, the agent will find a particular house that satisfies most or all of a specific buyer’s requirements, as indicated in the buyer’s requisrements statement distributed weekly to all agents. The agent will