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when it comes to buying property in foreign nations, are many extra steps and precautions that should be taken. the first step that should be made is firmly deciding which country to buy property in. a country that you fancy visiting would make an ideal get away or retirement home yet if one is looking to make money off this property by looking for it to increase in value overtime, you want to pick a country with a blossoming economy that is on an upward trend as well as looking at the properties around the one you are interested in purchasing to see if their values are rising as well. once you have narrowed down your options to one specific country, the next best step is to determine your budget available or desired to put towards this real estate purchase. this way one will be able to intelligently gauge before looking at properties how much will be put aside for the purchase without going over. buying property is not an everyday purchase and one that should be carefully calculated because a lot can go wrong, especially if you are buying from a foreign country. once you know how much money can be put aside for buying this property, a crucial step that should be taken to avoid the many wrong things that could occur would be to consult a few professionals. It would be very wise to know a reliable real estate agent that is familiar with the foreign country you're interested in buying. most likely they are fluent in the local language which will greatly help you mediating this transaction between you and the seller. finding a local real estate agent is not hard if you don't have a friend already in the business in this country. if you are buying land in the country and you have a friend that also bought land in that country, consult this friend and get all the advice and tips from them how he did it and the professionals that they contacted and help them out with their transaction. if you don't have a friend that bought land in this country it's still easy to find a local real estate agent as they want to find you too. most people no someone will have a brother cousin sister in law that has a property they are interested in selling so it is no surprise that people in real estate are not hard to come by. it is wise to not make any sudden decisions and to get to know as many professionals as possible in order to be aware of all the different options available. It is also a good idea to make sure that these professionals have solid reviews about them and a list of clients that have had successful transactions with these professionals themselves. the next professional that you want to find for your foreign real estate investment is an attorney who knows the laws of this country. there is so much foreign jurisdiction jargon and obstacles to be conscientious of that to not consult a foreign lawyer would be a major gamble with your money. for example, a contract that has not been written in Spanish in Panama is not valid. another