Real-Life Super Heroes Essay

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Real-Life Super Heroes

I was sitting in my kitchen eating dinner and I glanced out the window and saw a car turn the corner. Immediately, I could tell that it was going much too fast for the turn. I later found out the white Jeep Cherokee was going in excess of 50mph. It was travelling 35mph above the speed limit while making a sharp turn. The vehicle flipped over from a combination of its momentum and sharpness of the turn. The Jeep rolled right into my neighbor’s brand new truck. The worst part about it was he had only had that truck for seven days. Luckily for him, his truck was insured with full coverage and since it was no fault of his own that his vehicle was totaled, he got another free of charge. The Jeep bounced off the truck and slid upside down on its hood to the middle of the street. What happened next was amazing to witness.

It sounded as if a bomb had gone off nearby. The crash was loud enough for everyone on the block to hear. By this time, I had run outside along with just about everyone on the block. My father and some of my friends’ fathers ran out to do whatever they could to help. I clearly remember my father yelling at me and my mother, “Call 911 now!” “Stay here!” My mother replied, “I got it Jess!” The next voice that I heard was my mothers’ and I recall her shouting at me saying, “Stay here Michael and watch your brothers!”

I replied in haste,” okay Mom! Whatever you need I got it!” Not everyone had cell phones, so she had to run into the house to grab the cordless phone and call 911. The entire time I was standing there, it appeared as if everything were in slow motion. My father and my neighbors didn’t know who these people trapped inside the vehicle were, yet they were risking their lives to save random individuals. I remember seeing flames as bright as the sun and as orange as a ripe tangerine. The fire was coming from the bottom of the vehicle which was now pointing straight up in the sky. I didn’t want my dad or anyone for that matter to get hurt saving random people. I was lost in…