Real Women Have Curves JM Essay

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Real Women Have Curves This movie starts off with describing the life of a poor, and humble Mexican family who lives in Los Angeles. A young girl named Ana has the potential to finish high school and be admitted into a college, but she doesn’t want to go to college because her family does not support her. It makes me angry when parents do not allow their kids to assist college because they say that there is not enough money. Parents should put their pride and excuses aside and instead they should motivate them to go to college in order to seek a better life and so that way they will not have to struggle in life. In the video Ana’s mother just wants her to know how hard it is to make money, which is why Ana had to start working in a factory ironing dresses. It seems as if Ana’s mother wants her to go through the same struggles that she has been going through all of her life. I feel like that is the biggest mistake that a parent can make! Sometimes once the teens start working they lose focus in school and spend more time working. For example Ana would pay more importance to the work in the factory instead of focusing in doing the required applications to attend college. Parents should be there for their children and share their life experiences that way their children do not commit the same mistakes. Another thing that bugged me is that Ana’s mother always tends to put her down. The mother always rubs in Ana’s face how ugly, fat, lazy, and worthless she is. Immigrant…