Essay about Realism and Formalism

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10-12-10 Realism & Formalism
Code of mode of representation/Style
Film is usually “catholic” (objective in how they deal with reality/subject matter)…but can be subjective
Objective film: Style of Realism
Subjective Film: Formulism
Realism: Matter of 1:1 correspondence of how they are in reality and how they are rendered (dedicated to showing and recording that reality) -> from the mimetic (pantomime, mimic)
As a method and attitude of mind
Could this be considered an accurate depiction of reality/nature?
Realism is no guarantee of truth (Documentary is the most realist of all realist styles, those aren’t always true)
Realism as an attitude of mind:
RELATIVE truth, truth that can be verified in experience effect of ACTION and motivation people and their relationship to institutions, society, setting, etc. (characters are layered) often critical of status quo realist likes to deal with common average people and everyday situations (wants audience to recognize character and find the situations topical) realist endings are ambiguous or tempered content is as (or more important) than film cause/effect (determinism, naturalism)
Realist demystifies reality and breaks it down
Photo Journalism
Documentary Realism
Hollywood: idealistic realism
Warnerbros: social realism
French: poetic realism
Italy: Neo Realism
New York: Psychological and Sociological Realism
Denmark: Dogma 95
Hud Realism
Confrontation scene:
-no music
-water down face
-father talking to son, intimidating and at home
-not many cuts or odd angles
-believable familial scene
-see grandfather go down every step
-grandfather is slow and old
Formulism: Formulist doesn’t want to imitate reality, they want to recreate it
Not the way it exists in nature, but what his/her subjective vision is
Filmmaker’s sole impression; not record