Reality-Based Leadership ~ My Opinion Essay

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Reality-Based Leadership Review

Though out this paper I will provide my opinion on how accurate Cy Wakeman’s book Reality-Based Leadership is in the workplace. I will attempt to provide my honest and professional opinion about the techniques Ms. Wakeman outlines in her book about leadership.

In my opinion the Reality-Based Leadership book is broken down into three main points which are; managing versus leading, leading your employees and yourself, and delegating your authority. During these topics I will summarize what the book talks about then analyze what was discussed and provide my thoughts about whether or not I think it is realistic or wishful thinking.

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When the leader shows the he is unwavering in his abilities the employees will feed off that and utilize his energy for their own and make the changes necessary. The employees will begin to “roll with the punches” and make change happen with the least amount of emotional impact.

By being an effective leader you are involved with your employees and management, you are the middle man shielding the employees from the higher management that want more and more with less and less.

Steven Covey discusses that everyone has a “circle of influence encompassed by a circle of concern” (Center) and that as they build the necessary skills their circle of influence enlarges. If you apply this mentality to the work environment everyone has their own circle but everyone also has a larger circle of concern encompassing them. The leaders circle overflows into both upper management and their employees, as their circle gets larger they will have more influence to their employees and a better asset to upper management. With this design and mentality you become the quint essential cog in the corporate system.

When you put forth the legitimate effort of leading, counseling, and caring for your employees, your job as a manager will ultimately be easier and less stressful. Employees will then realize that you as a leader are a good asset to them as well as the organization as a