Reality: Bhagavad Gita and Supreme Self Essay

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The absolute would not be complete without this perfect abstraction where the illusion or reality (it makes no difference at all) of life is able to magnetize its full attention; a multi-faced prism or crystal where the Supreme Self is infinitely mirrored both in space and time.
We can all figure a vector of images in confronted mirrors.
Then we can understand that the One Creator, Sustainer and Transformer of the universe is self reflected in infinite shapes that take different form according to the time-space position they represent on the Time-Space cube, and that would explain the simultaneity of self reflections into the everpresent space whose essence is actually Void.
The time aspect is a bit more difficult to catch and works as a multitrack recording of Life.
Only that all times are being recorded simultaneously and related to each other, and that is what is self regulated by the matrix itself, the selfexistent mandala of pure number.
The last question is, why do i have an individual concioussness and not only an absolute one?
That is because the absolute projects itself (or himself or herself, all different aspects of the Supreme Self) into every life with supreme focus and concentration, as in a super samadhi, completely transfered to every particular individual dream, or individual soul, just as when we watch a movie and are absorved, at that moment, by that movie and no other, even when billions of movies also do exist.
Thats the synchronic aspect of the Time-Space Cube, and understanding that level of samadhi might surpass the logic of what we are used to think about in our ordinary reality or dream.
The code of life, which we could conceive as being written, is actually self existent and it may even be considered as the generator of reality and life itself, it is the Heart of Mind, and is UNBREAKABLE, UNDESTROYABLE, and probably unreachable.
Sometimes an individual soul attains to Enlightement, many hear this term and many don't know what it actually means or what is actually experienced by those who reach this state. There is a strong program in the brain that prevents us to get there because it is dangerous for the sustainament of the life program itself to be faced with the vision