Reality or Nightmare Essay examples

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Reality or nightmare

Imagine a time when there is only separation between African American and Caucasian. A time when Caucasian can’t marry African Americans and African American mans can’t look at a white woman. This is what life was back in the days in 1865. I believe Martin Luther king’s Jr. Dream became a reality. His dream was that everyone black or white should be treated equally. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. dream became a reality because today African American goes to the same school as Caucasian, there is also African American marring Caucasian and also African American have equality. Back in the past African American could not go to the same school as Caucasian, but know African Americans can go to the same school as Caucasian and get the same education as Caucasian. If you go to a school today you will see African Americans playing with Caucasian. My second reason is Africans Americans can marry Caucasian. Back in the past African Americans could not marry Caucasian. If African American see a Caucasian women walking down the side walk they have to get off the sidewalk and look down. Also if an African American man says something to Caucasian women. The man will get arrested or beating to death, that was what life was back in the days. However that was in the past. My third reason is today African American have equality. Some equality Africans Americans got is they can ride anywhere on the bus they don’t have to sit at the back of the bus where the…