Reality Television Essay

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Reality television plays a big role in in our lives. There are things that draw people into reality television. There is drama and a lot of other elements that we can’t seem to stop us from watching these types of shows.

I at some point in time watch several of these types of programs. I can’t seem to pin point why we are draw into it. Reality television can be additive at time but the message that it present is not a positive message. I believe it to be negative and ridiculous. The two reality television that I have watch from time to time is “The housewives of Atlanta” and “Basketball wives”. The women on these shows don’t portray women in a positive light. They fight each other on television and use language that I feel is not appropriate for women. They should be thinking about the people watching there show instead of only thinking about themselves. I think that is the question that people want to know are they role model because of their status. The majority of these wives on both of the shows are so totally famous because of their husband or ex-husband they don’t have a life outside of them. They get money from their husbands or exes so they can buy a bunch of stuff that they will not ever use. I think people find them “compelling” because they have no life and they have nothing better to do so they watch mind numbing television shows to fill up their free time. I don’t understand why people think it’s entertaining to watch a bunch of rich women go through a