Reality Television: Deceit And Acceptable Behavior In American Culture

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Reality television has become very popular in recent years. While some people quickly admit to enjoying these shows, others are embarrassed and slow to admit their viewing habits. Acceptable behavior in American culture has changed. I feel as future anthropologists research and evaluate our current society based solely on reality programming, they will discover a common thread of deceit and greed. As the author, Prose, explains the reality show Average Joe, the reader begins to understand the producers are deceptive from the very beginning. Average Joe is similar to The Bachelorette, but the bachelor pool is not stocked with stunning hunks. The female star of the show, Melana, is prepared for the male contestants to be average in appearance; but she is not prepared for “merely Joe Well below Average but Joe out of the question.” The producer’s deceitful intention is to amuse the audience by suiting Melana with obese, balding, or short men.
In addition, greed is clearly exposed in the reality television show, Survivor. According to Prose, “The show urges its participants to labor for their tribe but always, ultimately, for themselves” because in the end only one person can win. During the series Survivor: Pearls Islands, a participant acquired pity by lying to his fellow tribe into thinking his grandmother died. This incident not only demonstrates greed to win the ultimate prize but deception to gain the advantage. Deception and greed go hand in hand. Another example of