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Social Media
Social Media is engraved into our brains and it is becoming, if not already, one of our activities of daily living. We all must admit social media is a genius creation, revolving our lives around it, using it for schools and even work places; it is our way to feel connected to our friends, friends of our friends, and everyone worldwide! Just one click away to share our photos with our family friends anywhere at any time, stay and be connected with what everyone is doing, following with whatever we find interesting, we love social media, I know I do. But staying a bit too connected is a little bit much, don’t you think? In the wrong mind set of others and hands, social media can be quickly turn upsetting and hurtful. Have you ever been upset by social networks?
Social media are junk foods for our brains
Social Media is the dominate factor of running our lives, do you agree?
Whether you are a Facebook freak, twitter lover, or mini professional photographer on Instagram, you are probably engage more than one popular social site. But how do our brains react when we are using social media? In a study of people aged 18 to 85, participants who use social media on a daily basis (7 days out of the week) have strong to irresistible desires. So irresistible, the urges are harder compared to smoking, drinking, spending money, sleeping, and sex. Every time we use any that for social media sites, whatever we post or share and the interaction is high, our brains sense of reward, the same feeling when we receive foods and sex, also the same feelings of pleasure, motor function, compulsion, and preservation.
Facebook or money, what would choose?
In another study, when looking for work, 1 in 3 people under 30 say they value social media freedom than their salary! 56% say if the job does not have any access to social media, they will turn down that job! Just to give you an idea how social media has impacted others.
Dos and Don’ts. We are going to be connected with social media one way or another, even though you may be the ones who don’t use social media at all, but the ones who do, we have a reputation to live up to, especially if we are looking for a profession. Companies do not want an individual who cannot separate their personal life to work life, they want professionalism. So here’s the do’s and don’t for social media.
If you do have accounts, try to maintain your profile, for an example filter what you post on your profiles! You never know if that may backfire later in life. Facebook among teenagers are known for their anger, emotional, and repetitive posts! Try switching your profiles to privacy, so you can limit whoever sees your profile.
What not to share are, anything that you are uncomfortable having your family see, personal information. Just don’t post anything that may seem offending to anyone and may disrupt your life, work, and school
Make you update your privacy! You don’t want everyone seeing your business!
Dangers of Social Media. We all know there are dangers lurking around the media life, we may have once encountered stalkers, trolls (meaning haters), people who misuse social media for negative attention, and lots of others reasons. Like bully, it is called cyber bully and we all know what cyber bully is right? Well don’t fall as the perpetrator, or the victim! If you see it, do something about it! Aware others that cyber bully sucks and it’s not cool, dude!
Weapons of mass distraction. Are you addicted? Are you addicted to social media? You probably think you aren’t but are you really sure?
If you check your smart phones for any reason, text messages, Facebook, Instagram, or your retweets on twitter before you brush your teeth in the morning, you are probably an addicted.
If you hash tag anything and on everything on your social life including emails, you’re probably an addicted
This is probably the worst out of all, if you share everything, and when I mean everything, I mean