Realization Center, Inc.: Practice And Program Evaluation In Social Work

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Realization Center, Inc. is a unique, comprehensive, full service outpatient addictions treatment program that offers specialized treatment for men’s, women’s, and adolescent’s substance abuse issues, sexual trauma, family of origin issues, domestic violence, anger and stress management, school or job difficulties, family conflict, parenting difficulties and relationship problems as they all relate to chemical dependence. The Center is dedicated to the healing of the human spirit through a profound and very real emotional recovery. Clients may refer themselves to Realization Center or be referred by public and private agencies, family members, or by other treatment service providers. The first contact can be made by telephone with an intake coordinator. An appointment will then be scheduled for a complete bio psychosocial Assessment usually within twenty-four hours. Walk-ins are also accepted. We work closely with EAP’s, managed care and other clinical treatment providers. An integral part of the program includes group therapy and individual counseling with psycho-education which constitute the psychodynamic core of the treatment approach.
Realization Center is licensed by the New York State Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services which allows us to offer treatment from the most intensive outpatient level to traditional individually designed outpatient treatment. Realization Center stands apart in excellence in addictions treatment and to that end we offer 100 groups per week addressing all forms of addictive behaviors. Realization Center incorporates abstinence as an important foundation of the total therapeutic program. While many patients who enter treatment are still actively using substances, a primary requirement for continued participation in our treatment program is abstinence.
. The area served by the Realization Center is actually set in Brooklyn Heights where most local business reside from the court house to the neighborhood Starbucks. Clients come from all over New York to the center for treatment. The location is irreverent to the catchment area because the population of addiction is prevalent everywhere from the suburbs to the city and our location is irrelevant because clients travel to us for services. The need for drug rehabilitation is an ongoing war. From Nancy Reagan’s :Just say no” campaign to the local methadone clinic. The triumph over addicted populations all over the world is an ongoing struggle that has yet to figure out ways to get people off drugs and prevent more drug use. The goal of the program and the actual needs do match. Assessing the need for this program is simple. When you walk down on Bowery St at night how many people are sleeping on the ground or begging for cash. Even in Washington Square Park how many people are smoking marijuana trying to sell drugs or are lying down on the benches drunk and homeless. Assessing the needs in any community isn’t the problem with substance abuse because it is everywhere. The issue is getting people into treatment If a true assessment or count is needed then we can look to see how many drug related arrests were made in a week, how many babies were born addicted to drugs, how many people attend a methadone clinic? Then we can have valid numbers for assessment. However, as I see it you can’t assess the disease of addiction because it hits everyone everywhere and the issue is helping people find freedom from drug abuse. . We all know about "bad neighborhoods" and know that there is a lot of drug