Essay on Reaponse to Request for Proposal

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Response to Request for Proposal
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Solicitation Number: TIRMS-13-R-00002
Agency: Department of the Treasury
Office: Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
Location: Field Operations Branch Midstates (OS:A:P:B:M)

Posted: February 19,2013
Response Date: March 11,2013 3pm cst

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Tracy Jenkins
Angel Security Service

Cover Letter
Febraury 19,2013

To Whom It May Concern

Angel Security Services is pleased to offer a bid in for the contract of Armed Security Guard Services for the IRS buildings located in Texas, New York, Washington DC and Maryland.
Angel Security Services has been providing services to both government and private business for the past 10 years. We are a company whom takes pride in guarding and protecting the detail in which we are given. Maintaining a safe tracking record, we have been the number one choice for businesses 2 years in a row. Angel Security ensures that all staff members have been licensed with continual training for its staff members, allowing us to stay up to date on proper safety procedures for the details in which we are given. Our staff maintains courtesy to all staff members ensuring it to be a pleasurable team to work with.
One of the major points that set us apart from other company’s is our ability to strive to be the best. We go through a rural hiring procedure ensuring that those we hire are held to the highest standard so that you will never have to question the integrity of the staff members while in your building. Maintaining our original contracts it shows that we are dedicated to all that we do as a company.

Company History
Angel Services has been in business for 10 years with original location in South Florida, expanding within 5 years to LA, New York, Georgia, and the DC area, we pride ourselves on being able to serve the community with our services. Angel security expertise is in guarding fortune 500 companies and other private corporations. All employees that is hired within our company must be licsenced and go through a riguours back ground check to work for our company. We pride ourselves in knowing who work for us, as you put the trust of safety in our hands. We are a company that provides security services 24/7/365 days a week.

Angel Security Services
Angel Security Services provides services 24/7/365 giving the staff 5 hours on and 30 min off during a full 9 hour shift to ensure the staff is alert at all times. With having a high standard for safety we want to make sure the staff is never overworked so that the safety of other will never be an issue. This is what we include in our contract; you will find that we are able to provide what the RFP is asking for:
Key Responsibilities
There shall be 1 supervisor on during each shift, not at one time will there not be an opportunity to speak with a supervisor at any given moment. Each supervisor is to call in and create a report every 2 hours explaining the time used. All documents will be kept by supervisor in building for no more than 72 hours before going to the corporate office to be filed. In order to ensure safety it is important to keep track of those who enter and exit the building on a daily basis. Only managers and shift supervisors will have a code for all private areas to limit the access of our staff members, creating a safety and trusting barrier.
During each shift there shall also be 2 security guards per 75 persons that enter and exit building on a daily basis. In total there shall be no more than 6 security guards on at a time during the peak hours. There will be 2 per night, one including a shift supervisor per shift.
Each security guard will screen and bag check all persons entering building, no person shall enter without signing in or prior acknowledgment from any superior within 24 hours before. With providing protection the tighter we have the detail, the less likely for a safety accident. If needed after screening we