Using Growing Social Media In Promoting Fitness Training Services To Individuals

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Research Statement Our goal is to use growing social media in promoting fitness training services to individuals by creating awareness through exhibiting the benefits of physical activity associated with healthy mind and body.


Creating portfolio of our qualified gym trainers which would mentions their skill and wide range of experience. This strategy will assist members to evaluate who they want to get trained earlier before getting an admission.

Our fitness trainers will interact with members on social media and assist them in defining their fitness goals through private or group training sessions. They will also motivate them to visit gym frequently and to work towards their goals.

Posting fitness program classes and schedule online so that potential members can know about programs offered at our Fitness center and they can also sign up for it if they are interested. Through using our social media platform uploading short videos of those individuals who changed their lifestyle by achieving their fitness goals and became a symbol of appreciation, it will be a cause motivation for other members.

Our trainers will try to promote and design separate fitness classes for different age groups like for adults, seniors or teenagers which elevates the interest level of members as mostly people of same age group have same interests.

The other reason of proposing this strategy is that usually young adults focus more on getting muscular and lean while older adults emphasis more towards to stay fit and not pushing too hard on weights. However our aim is to see all our members healthy and fit.

Conclusion and Recommendations

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