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How does the frontal lobe negatively affect the way a child becomes a criminal? By age 4, children in families living with incomes under 200 percent of the federal poverty line have less gray matte- Brain tissue critical for processing of information and executive of actions than kid’s growing up in families with higher incomes. Gray Matter is a tissue in the brain that is responsible for most decision making and movements in the body. Since these kids did not fully develop this part of the brain they cannot control their actions or their decision making, leaving them uncapable of deciding from right or wrong. A new study by Peter Gioncola and Amos Zeichmer how ever suggests that IQ and aggression are strongly linked even in non criminal males. The researchers who tested 30 males between the ages 19 through 36 years found “strong inverse correlation between IQ and aggressive behavior under both high and low provocation conditions. For poor families who ranged from extremely poor with almost no cash income to a few tens of thousands of dollars per year the list of potentials environmental factors is lengthy poor nutrition and lack of sleep, lack of books and educational toys parental stress, an unsafe environment and limited enrichment conversations are just a few of the potential contributors according to Wolfe. Men usually tend to get angrier and more frustrated when they have been living in the poverty line. Race can be a great factor as well when it comes to…