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Jesse Harlow
Period 7
Single Syllable Paper
Readability: 3.2
Passive sentence: 5%
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“I Have a Dream” There was once a man that gave a speech, and in that speech, he said these words “I have a dream”. This man was one of the world’s most prized men in the states past. He gave this speech on a dream that he had and in that dream he saw white men and black men in the same room all at once. There were so many blacks and whites that came to watch his speech that they had to block off streets so they could have some seats. This speech touched tons of lives and made lots of lives think twice when you look right through a black man. This speech changed a large group of lives views on how black men should be looked at. It as well changed the way that they looked at blacks so much that they took care of them. They put in mess halls that are more new for them and would start to put kids in free schools. In his dream, he saw that young white boys and young black girls would be able to live as one. In this dream, he said, “I have a dream that the rough towns will be plain”, and “The bent points will be made straight”. “This is our hope. This is the faith that I go back to the south with. With this faith we will be skilled to hew out of the hills of pain a stone of hope.” This speech tells me so much on how blacks were hurt. It made me think of how it was like back then. I chose to write on this since I heard a story on this I liked I right off the