Reason to Teach Essay

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A Reason to Teach
Phoenix University: MTE/501
By: Sheena Adams
Education has consistently and steadily evolved over years and years of new devleopment on what edcuation is, how education is applied and who has the right to receive education. Education is still continously being developed in the application of its techniques to teach and in a childs ability to learn.
In my pesonal life time education has not always been easy. As a kid I struggled with reading and math. I remember my parents changing me to a more advance school where I was behind the other kids. In this I have had the opportunity to see how education changes, how a teacher may help in assisting a student in developing skills needed to perform properly amongst his or her peers. Education during the early phases of my life existed with a lot of hands on teaching and tutoring for children in that the classroom. This was primarily used because classrooms existed of smaller learning groups where teachers had enough time alloted to help assist students who struggled more in certain core areas such as reading and math. Teachers would use the early techniques of tutoring, reptition and hands on activities to assimilate and teach children however in some cases where unable to identify learining disorders accordingly and placed many student in certain categlories that did not pertain to a childs learning style. As time went on and education grew in demand so did the processes, the classroom, and adcvances to impact the conitious learning curve within the educational field. Education grew from index cards to a great implimentation of technology and applications used in the classroom; more specifically how children would be placed in district settings, to what supplies where allocated to each district, changes in policy, and how kids would be accessed by there learning capabilities. In the early 1990’s according to Moores (1987) education went through a period of serious development in the stages of “general education, student placement from residential to public mainstreamed settings, and describes several Gallaudet University programs involved in research, training, and outreach to increase academic achievement (Moores, 1987)”
In my personal experience and being involved in the shift I can see now how children where affected and how each generation of children have developed since my time. As most can remember learning is a essential part of life. Learing and application is how we develop as humans in day to day interaction and our ability to apply what we have learned. As a future educator I have because of that reason alone developed a passion for teaching in uderstanding that everyone deserves the right to learn and everyone no matter there level or circumstances has the ablility to learn based on these interactions. Education however is primariy in the early stages of life because it developes how a child will understand