Reasoning and Opening Sequel Essay

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In the opening sequel he just assumes things that could of never happened. He had used the But in the following sentence “ But the dog was not running or asleep”. Here he has included a disjunction where he introduces the mystery theme and it also be dilemma what chris could make out on the spot, without thinking what actually might of happened to that poor dog. Christopher shows the technique First person buy using the word” I”. The work I makes it his own perspective as he sayings “I decidied that the dog was probably killed with the fork because, I… or a road accident. This was used to show that he was the narrator. This was shown because this makes Christopher unique in a special way and how he sees the world. The language that Christopher used was very much to point. The text is very much special because it’s the way it has been written because the narrator goes straight to the objective which means basically going to conclusions without evening working what really happened. Christopher says in the opening sequel that he sees the dog dead and then jumps to what happens and he says “There was a garden fork sticking out the dog. The points of the fork must have gone right through the dog and into the ground because the fork has not fallen over”. The techniques that he used in that quote above was he used the different sentence structures and also he was very much had a blunt tone which also conveyed us that he had an objective to all the sentence structure he had. This shows us that the special language that was used to show us that Christopher was unique…