Reasoning: Critical Thinking and Decision Essay

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There are many key factors that play a role in the decision making process. One main factor is to make sure you understand and know all the prior information there is to know. It is very important to understand the whole story rather than just pieces of the story, because then you will get a full picture and a better understanding. Knowing the whole story and all the background information will help the individual make the correct decision. Without knowing all the background information it would be much easier for someone to make the wrong decision. For example, it is very easy to make a decision based off of feelings without knowing all the background information. If someone puts their feelings aside and bases their decision off the facts, they might end up with a totally different decision, which might be the correct one.
Deductive reasoning plays a huge told in the decision making process. Deductive reasoning the process of sorting out the facts and applying those facts to help lead you to make the correct decision. Without deductive reasoning, people would base their decision making off just parts of the story or off of their feelings. This can be trouble because there is a lack of understanding happening that can affect ones outcome. If, for example, a person is mad about a certain situation, they might make a decision that they normally would not have made, based on their feelings.
The process of deductive reasoning involves thinking critically.