Reasoning for Listening to Music in Class Essay

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My intellectual reasoning for kids listening to music during class
By Chinier Bennett

You know that a lot of kids like to listen to music? And when I say a lot I mean a lot! But did you know kids actually want to listen to their music during class? Students want to listen to music during class not only because they want to, but also because it helps. For some people it’s a reward but for some scientists, it’s another great way to help people out.
According to one study, it shows that listening to music can stimulate the brain. It is causing it to be more capable of processing information. Scientific information shows that background noise can be blocked out by music and helps with concentrating on what he/she is doing. Actually, studies show that children who listen to music actually did better on a paper than the other kids who didn't. Another study shows, listening improves efficiency, this would be an excellent idea for our type of school.
This is a great way for us kids to actually have something to look forward when we go to our next class. Another purpose you should agree to add music in to the school is because it would help kids stay in class more often. I know you might not agree with this crazy Idea. Your probably thinking right now ‘well one reason this is a bad idea is because not enough work is going to get done, stuff might get stolen, there’s going to a lot more time outs than usual, and its going to be a whole lot more distracting.’ However, we