Essay about Reasons For Taking Part In Physical Activity

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:- being able to communicate through words and actions and participating in general with others. It can bring the best out in people and yourself. Also, it is being able to work well within your team, so having good team work.

KEY INFORMATION: Many Sports are played in teams
 Working in groups helps to improve teamwork & Co-Operation
 Netball, Football, Rugby and Hockey are good examples of this.

Co-operation occurs when you work with others and demonstrate teamwork.
Improved co-operation can lead to better understanding of your team mates and better teamwork skills. This may lead to your team becoming more successful as your closer.

:-trying to outwit your opponent, maybe using tactics. It is very physiological .

KEY INFORMATION: Competition can be seen in physiological in terms of:•

Physiological Preparation
Escape from the stress of life
When competing, most people put aside outside problems and concentate on doing well in that certain sport .

In competition you try to beat yourself and your other opponent. An example of this is, you try to run a certain distance in a faster time than you have before. Or you take part in a race to try and beat a rival school team.

(Physical Challenge) :- Testing yourself against others.

KEY INFORMATION: Coming back to sport after a long time being away from it, is a good example of this.
 Competing nearly impossible task, for example climbing ‘Mount
 The London Marathon is a another good example.
In Physical Challenge it is something that really pushes you outside your comfort zone. This means it challenges you mentally too. It might be something you find scary like rock climbing, so you are challenged physically and mentally. Or it might be physically demanding, like training for the London Marathon, that you need to be really mentally tough to accomplish.

:- the appreciation of beauty.

KEY INFORMATION: Moments in sport are beautiful, but this does not always center around winning. Often