Rebecca: Love and Mrs. Danvers Essay

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Loyalty can strengthen a relationship and the connection with one another, but it also clouds one’s morals and judgments. Throughout the novel Rebecca, the theme loyalty remained consistent. Between characters, loyalty is presented by our narrator to Maxim, Mrs. Danvers to Rebecca, and Frank to Maxim. Loyalty, over all, is heavily involved in the novel Rebecca as part of the novel’s theme and with its characters. In Rebecca, the biggest example of loyalty that is presented is between our narrator and Maxim. Our narrator, since her arrival to Manderley, has been concerned about how much Rebecca influenced Maxim. The more time our narrator spends at Manderley, the more she becomes scared of the fact that Maxim may not be able to let go of his lost “lover”, Rebecca. But later, our narrator is soon informed of the truth of Rebecca’s death. Maxim confides in our narrator when Rebecca’s corpse is found. Maxim stated that Rebecca was not true to him and had a different side to her, one that liked to manipulate others. He finally admits that he could not withstand anymore of Rebecca’s malevolent, maleficent trickery. He murdered her with a gun and threw her corpse into her boat, sinking the vessel to the bottom of the ocean. After hearing this, our narrator is shocked, but is happy to learn that he never really loved Rebecca and that he loves her. Our narrator’s adoration for Maxim is portrayed greatly when she said that she still loves him and will help and support him in any way that she can. These tie into our narrator’s loyalty to her spouse, Maxim. When discovering that he murdered Rebecca, she still remained loyal to him; thus showing how her judgment is changed because of her loyalty for him. A second example of loyalty is Mrs. Danvers and Rebecca’s relationship. In the novel, Mrs. Danvers stated that she cared for Rebecca since she was a child and until her death. When Maxim returns to Manderley with a new wife, Mrs. Danvers shows a clear sign to us readers that she dislikes the narrator at first glance. In a state of depression in Rebecca’s room, Mrs. Danvers is seen by the narrator crying. It is during this scene that Mrs. Danvers’ hate for our narrator is displayed prevalently. Mrs. Danvers loathes the fact that our narrator is trying to “take the place of Rebecca”, and to get rid of her, Mrs. Danvers tempts her to jump out of the window. To her dismay, she is unsuccessful. In this case, Mrs. Danvers believes that getting