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As we all know this is one of the most talked about debates today. This a contemporary issue that is constantly being thrown into dates and other conversations. This subject alone has cause major controversy amongst all of us as well. Most of the people are not aware that this topic that has been talked about since 1993. But there has been for hundreds of decade’s civil unions. All of this has been going on for years but has a light shinned on it and brought more into the public’s eye.
An article that I found that I do not agree with is one that is titled “Same Sex Marriages ’Will See the Return to Catholic Persecution’. They state in this article that there are over 1000 priests that have signed a petition voicing their concerns about Catholics being singled out from certain things such as teaching and certain professions. They also go on to state that they are afraid and have fears about not being able to teach and practice their faiths and beliefs, and people that do believe in the Catholic religion would be excluded from the traditions of what marriage stands for. They further go on to say that all they want to do is teach the truth about marriages in their schools and charitable institutions and or places of worship. Their biggest fear is being classified and could be arrested if they don’t tell both views.
The department of culture has specifically stated clearly that equal marriage plans will protect just this such as religion and they are able to practice, teach, and preach their beliefs. Your beliefs are really your beliefs on this matter. It’s really no one’s business if you’re a man or a woman, nor if two men or two woman want to get married. They are still two human beings that deserve to be loved by someone and to love someone else as well. And regardless of their sexuality they should be able to celebrate it publically and have all the same benefits too.
There is, no strict requirements on what a tradition marriage is. A gay marriage is still protected under the Constitutional’s commitments to liberty and equality. This is the freedom of personal choice including the matters of marriage and family life. Mostly its discrimination against the people that decide this way of life, and no one should be discriminated on because of their practices. As a human being you are able to make choices and this is your own choice just like its mine to be married to a man. We pick our partners and are practices as well as our religious beliefs why not make it legal to and they can have all the same benefits as all other couples do.
The only thing that really matters when, you’re talking about marriage in itself is love. Is that you love your partner and are going to love them and be faithful to them. Look past the flaws and see them for who they are. Same thing, no matter if it’s a woman and a man or 2 men and even 2 women, it’s the same thing