Rec Andlesuire Homework 4 Essay

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1. Municipal (city or county) recreation; search for a web site on a specific city or county park and recreation department. Lancaster County Parks website shows you upcoming events that are going on. Also the website shows different facilities, recreation activities, park trails, park rules, ect. By clicking through each link you are able to learn more about the park and what it has to offer.
2. State recreation; search for a web site on a specific state park, forest etc. Minnesota State Parks website is a broader type of website. It gives you categories of recreation, destinations, nature, education, ect. You are able to find state parks and recreations by map and a list of them.
3. Federal recreation; search for a web site on a specific U. S. Government (Federal) recreation area. These may include; national parks, monuments, historic or cultural sites, refuges, forests, or other Federal recreation areas. (National Parks Service, US Forest Service, etc.) This website allows you to pick where you want to go and then takes you to the particular website. On the website it shows you an overview of recreational activities that you can do while there. The address and directions are also included.
4. Non-profit recreation; search for a web site for a nonprofit organization that provides recreation or leisure services to the public or special groups (Ex: YMCA). DO NOT USE A PROFESSIONAL RECREATION ASSOCIATION (an association that provides services to individuals working in the recreation profession). KEEN Greater DC is a nonprofit volunteer-led organization that provides one-to-one recreational opportunities