Essay about Recidivism: Prison and Criminal Justice Area

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This term is not normally used in everyday life or in any normal conversation, but if you are a person that works in the criminal justice area or you are a ex convict you would know what recidivism is because you hear it some what regularly. The term recidivism is a keyword to describe convicts who return to prison as of a result of them resulting in going back to criminal mischief. Within the state of Montana the rate of recidivism is quite high for this state alone. In the state of Montana the number of convicts that go back to prison because they relapsed and got caught back up in to the criminal justice system. Montana has the lowest rate compared to other states in the United States. The most common components of ex convicts relapsing and returning to criminal mischief is because of things like drug dependence, unemployment,lodging, and discrimination. Within the Montana boundaries it is the second slowest growing recidivism rate, but are own criminal justice system is getting and growing out of control and need deal and confront this topic hand in hand. To get the rate of ex convicts re-entering the system under control before it gets out of hand and is to far to dig are selves out. We as the people to look hard into the social, economic, and legal impact that recidivism has on us here in the United States. The first thing to start out with is how the recidivism has taken a toll on the economic side of this dilemma. The majority of the the recidivism is in the economic issues and the growth in the prison population. The sustainable rise of ex convicts returning to prison or jail has put a major damper on the united states prison system for a little over three decades factoring in sentence laws and being tougher on drugs. There is a growing concern today because the united states prison system is trying to pressure the federal and individual state governments for more money because of the rise in recidivism. Our federal government has most of the offenders or relapsing offenders detained in private quarters in prison that is privately owned by other institutions that hold ex convicts that relapsed and went back to their criminal behavior. The prison and the facilities growth has taken a toll of the economic stand point because of the over growth of recidivism. The rate of incarceration continues to increase and with the increase the of punishment and rehabilitation it is basically put on the back burner sort of speak. The reason people do this is because are society is used to putting are troubles aside but this time the pot does not fit on the back burner and we have to deal with this problem if we do not deal with it now the problem is only going to get bigger. Former prisoners have been a main topic for many years coming and in most cases of former prisoners also known as convicts usually find them selves right back where they started from back in prison because when a person has be institutionalized for so many years they get accustomed to the prison life and can not make it in the out side world, which means it will result in the prisons being once again filled to capacity. The trouble with the economical issue with recidivism is not always with the inmates being locked back up. Economical stand is where our government is the culprit too because it struggles to keep the prisons from becoming overloaded and taking care of other issues involving taking care of the prisons that the prisoners or ex convicts going back into prison for relapsing. The amount of citizens re-entering the criminal justice system is a major ordeal because of the amount of money being tossed in the prison system to have so many people locked up and that's a problem in every state not just Montana. When the imprisonment of offenders hit its peak and was great of the economic stand point it put peoples minds turning about what the toll it would take on the people that are the tax…