Reclaim Your Heart Essay

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1400 years ago, the Prophet SAW ventured on one of the greatest journeys any man has ever ventured. That journey was Al-Israa and Al-Miraj. That was the journey in which the Prophet SAW was given the commandment of prayer. In the book Reclaim Your Heart, the author has a whole section that speaks solely about prayer. One will only find spirituality when they fulfill the commandment of prayer. Allah SWT has made Salah one of the five prayers of Islam. Without one of these pillars, one’s Islam is incomplete. Allah SWT said (Verily I have not created the humans and spirits except to pray) (51:56). Quran is of utmost importance. The Prophet Saw said that what separates a Muslim from a non-Muslim is prayer. Therefore, we must distinguish ourselves from the nonbelievers by praying sincerely. The Prophet SAW said that that the first thing any slave will be asked about on The Day of Judgment will be his/her prayer. Finally, he said that if a slave’s Salah is well then all his other deeds will be well. This just shows how important prayer is and how much we should be willing to sacrifice in order to complete it. Allah SWT says in his holy book: (Seek refuge in patience and prayer) (2:153). If you are beset with fear and anxiety: stand up and pray right now; your soul will find comfort and solace. The prayer- as long as you perform it sincerely with a wakeful heart- is guaranteed to have this effect on you. When the Prophet SAW was afflicted with hardship, he would say “O Bilal! Give us comfort and call for the prayer.” The prayer was his joy and pleasure; it was the delight of his eye. And it should always be the delight to yours. The Prayer of Fear (which is performed in the midst of battle) was prescribed in situations when limbs are severed, skulls fly, and souls depart their bodies. This is a time when strength and resolution can only be derived from sincere prayer. This generation which is consumed by psychological sicknesses, must return to the mosque, going there to perform such sincere prayer and to seek Allah’s pleasure. If we do not do this, tears will burn our eyes and grief will destroy our nerves. Yasmin Mogahed in her book says,” There are many people who say they don’t have time to pray at work or at school, or while they are out.” These are the people that want to find an excuse so they cannot pray. They think it will waste their time or ruin the relationships they have with friends. The Prophet SAW one said that the Earth was created for him as a mosque. The Prophet SAW’s companions used to perform prayers in the midst of battle. If they were able to do it in the direst of situations, why can’t we do it in our schools and workplaces when we are safe and when there is almost always a…