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PGCC Staff and Faculty Members

I am writing this letter on behalf of Frank Mitchelle. I have known Frank for over 15 years and without a question he is a all around great person. Frank is a leader he is very intelligent in whatever he sets his mind to he’s creative honest and very active and many other things.
Frank is a very exceptional person to me and to others. Frank can get the job done. When Frank makes you a promise or tells you he is going to do something he does it no doubt about it.He has a high self level of commitment. He is one of the most honest persons I ever met. I remember when me and Frank went to the store and he had bought a couple things and the cashier gave him more money than she was supposed to and we had already left the store before he noticed and when he did notice he drove all the way back to give the cashier the money back. This is why a lot of people can trust Frank and he has no enemies.
Frank is very active he’s always doing something to keep himself in shape he goes to the gym every day. He was always the best at whatever he did as a kid he went though: tennis, basketball, skating, football, and many other sports it seemed like his goal was to be the best he would practice every day every hour. One time he mom called him to eat and he said I’ll be there I a second and he didn’t come till 4 hours later because he wouldn’t come in until he perfected his skateboard move. Frank is a type of person that tries his hardest to get this perfect I mean no one perfect, everyone messes up now and then but, he will do whatever it take to try to make himself and other things as perfect as possible because he dedicated and he has a lot of self-confidence.
Frank is very intelligent and helpful to me and others. Frank offers help before they can ask him for help. Every time frank see’s someone on the side of the road he stops and helps, when someone going to move he asks do you need help packing, loading, unloading, even if frank is busy he find the time to but you in his schedule. I once had a math final and I’m not the brightest and