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Recollection of Past Intervention of my experiences within the School System
As a school counselor intern experienced the need to fix and repair relationships within the families associated with the student. I felt the need to help every student in this particular school, students who experienced early mother/father roles during their teenager stages in life and students with parents abusing drugs within the home.
These needs seemed to be very prevalent at this present time of my experience working in the high school setting. I realized my limitation during the time of that present role that I held and often reminded myself of that burning need to help the young people succeed in all their trying times, good and bad experiences. One thing, I believed was the need did not supersede my conscious because my ego seemed to always remind my id which dwelled in my unconscious the things that I should avoid. Although this took place; I still found myself looking for ways to help students resolve their issues and would not quit until I found them the help they needed. I felt the need extended my own personal needs because of my past experiences as a child growing up in a home with a single parent; mother left my father when I was only twelve years old. I was raised with five other sisters and brothers, so it was easy for me to get lost in the mist of things; I had a need to have someone help me with my school work, but my mother was too busy to assist me. So, I turned to friends and other family members to help me with my problems. This helped only a little, but never really brought me any resolutions to the present concerns I had during my high school years. These factors played a major part in developing a need to help the younger generation. It seemed to provide healing to my past disappointments during my teenage years, starting from junior high throughout my high school years. I realized the need helped nurture the desire to sincerely dedicate quality time and patience with the adolescents.
I must express the need was very strong and compelling; I could not seem to move away from the thought of not being a part of the group of individuals that have and want the same thing and that is the need to help others, who are unable to resolve or move on in life because of interruptions in and outside of their families. My need is to experience the healing and success of the end results of each client’s experience when coming into contact with me; hoping to bring them to a point of taking control of their immediate situation. This need may mean more to me then I think because of the pain that I carried for quite some time, going into my adulthood life. It was not until after I had children, I decided to approach my mother about how I felt as a teenager during my junior high and high school years. I realized in order for my painful past experience within my heart was going to heal; I was going to need an answer as to why my mother never participated in any of my junior high or high school events or showed up for parent association meetings and a host of other things. This need within me caused me to want more from the parents/guardians. I would get very disappointed at parents who seemed very uninterested in their child’s education/behavior and school policies. I strongly believe every parent should take interest in their child’s personal endeavors during their early young adult experiences in life. I needed to see the involvement of every parent/guardian checking on their child during their high school years. If I did not see this involvement, it would cause me to take action and involve others within the school system. This would render the support that was needed for whatever situation that may have existed.
As a result of my past I am very motivated to make a difference in every teenager’s life that I continue to come in contact with where ever I find myself dwelling. This personal motivation for