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To deal with the necessary change that is needed in Los Angeles County to help improve the public’s health and availability to health care, The state, county and city health officials have come together to create The Greater Los Angeles County Health Group. The group is designed to find a way to deliver better health care to all Los Angeles County residents regardless of their ability to pay for it .There are approximately 125 licensed hospitals in Los Angeles County. The amount of empty beds in each hospital and large number of nonfinancial reimbursement for medical services are partly due to the under insured or illegal immigration status which is forcing the Federal government to close many of the hospitals across the county which has had an impact on Los Angeles County as a whole. The Greater Los Angeles County Health Group has come together with a few ideas to help with delivering better health care to all of its residents regardless of the ability to pay. First is to create a non for profit entity and create a full service Hub that will have one large full service hospital in a central area of Los Angeles County which is the Main Hub and smaller offices with triage centers and health services Dental, Mental Health and Substance Abuse services. The Idea is that each outlying health center/triage center will deal with smaller crisis’s that normally people would find themselves going to the emergency room for can now go to a smaller version hospital type setting. If the patient needs more care at a higher level they will transported to the closest hospital for further care which would normally mean the patient needs significant surgery or services that can’t be given on an ambulatory setting.
Along with these community health/triage centers and main hospital hubs the non for profit agency will also provide a mobile health care facility that will be able to meet the needs of indigent patient as well as the patients not able to reach a doctor’s office or hospital due distance, elderly and or any other significant reason. One of the things that has been an issue is that Los Angeles County has a large cultural diverse county. Each mobile and health/triage center will have to meet the needs of the diversity of each inner community, so one of the ways that is proposed is to hire new doctor’s right out of college who are willing to serve their community and have the ability to be fluent in each dialect. The way we can get these doctors to serve their community is to offer a contract that they would work for a certain period of time such as 4 to 5 years and their student loans will be paid off in full as long as the fulfill their commitment.

The Greater Los Angeles County Health group will investigate recently closed hospital centrally located in the county and lease the main floor of this building. The main floor will have an existing emergency room that will make the transition back to a triage center easier. The other offices on this floor will be broken up into areas that