Recommendations For Organizational Development

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My Recommendations

Organizational Development has been just as important as what the mission statement is, and what the day to day workings are. Companies need to learn to have a Continuous process of improvement. How is this done, where does someone start? Most organizations will try to hire outside help to assist them, as sometimes the truth or how things are working may not be evident, and any mistakes known or unknown, could hamper development and growth.

An organizational wide policy or newsletter that regularly states the mission of the company, and interdepartmental training or cross training to help everyone understand what everyone else jobs is in supporting the mission.
Start small and grow bigger, lean and six sigma… Keep everything streamlined... No makeshift titles or unnecessary departments will be created or tolerated. “Organizing your business as a corporation can help shift the burden of liability to the business and reduce the impact to personal finances.”(Long, 2009)

I will leverage lean and six sigma performance charting and establish hard numbers and time frames as "metrics" to define the no less than or no later than performance for everyone person and or department. This is so that everyone knows what to do and how to do it.

“Coordinative networks occur when organizations feel the delivery of services is not as efficient as possible and it is in their best interests to find ways to integrate existing services among all organizations involved in their delivery.”(Mandell & Keast) I would be sure to communicate and leverage experts in the field, and even keep good relationships with rival companies as to keep information flowing and get help in areas if needed.
Again, this would be and learn, six sigma metric for Quality Control, and I would make sure the company establishes a good customer support department.
I would use a share point or another community collaboration tool. This would ensure that the latest and greatest info is available for everyone.

I would ensure a training track for everyone at the company so that everyone will know what person above them does, while encouraging outside the box thinking. I would also want creative problem solving to be an encouraged and recognized.
I would encourage all departments to keep track of what works (and what does not work for later review or modification) and I would challenge everyone to trim the fat and improve upon process every day.
The decision can be made at all levels, and if there are some areas where you can’t because of time or money I would ensure that there was a suggestion box, for anonymous suggestions. I would stress